Best Gym Bags For Commuters

Taking your gym bag on-the-go can be annoying at the best of times.

That early morning commute shouldn’t be harder than it needs to be. You already have to deal with traffic, overcrowded public transport and the mountain of work that awaits you on your desk.

To make the journey that little bit easier we’re going to give you a run-down on the best gym bags for commuters.

First up is a gym bag that is both stylish and practical. It’s available in a range of colours and looks great with high-quality Oxford fabric. 

It’s small enough that it shouldn’t bother you if walking is part of your daily commute. It has a single shoulder strap with padding but also has two handles if you prefer to use it as a carry bag. The bag even has a leather bottom so you can place it on the ground knowing that water isn’t going to soak through it – a really nice touch. 

However, inside is where this gym bag really comes into its own! 

It features a large main pocket that will easily fit all of your essentials, even if you like to travel on the prepared side of things. The bag is then split into compartments which includes a shoe compartment. It also has a wet pouch so you can keep your gym and work clothes separate!

There are a further two pouches – one mesh side pocket and one easily accessible pocket in the front that would be perfect for your phone, wallet and keys. 

Next up a multifunctional bag that is suitable for both men and women. It’s currently available in this light grey and a standard black that looks smart. This is an affordable bag that screams high-quality. This 3-way gym bag can be worn as a rucksack, single-strap over the shoulder or as a carry bag. This is thanks to the clever design that makes use of multiple straps. 

If you are commuting to work with this bag it has a multitude of pockets and pouches. The best being a secure pouch that can carry a 15.6-inch laptop – more than enough for most laptops. The rectangular front pocket unzips to reveal yet more space including pen holders two mesh pockets and a zipped pocket to keep stuff safe. 

The main pocket could easily fit up to five pieces of clothing and a pair of gym shoes. Plus it’s made of a breathable but water repellent material to keep everything dry and fresh. 

This unisex bag looks like your standard rucksack, however, it is a whole lot more! Once opened up it is a fully compartmentalised gym bag that has a separate place for shoes and dirty clothes. It also has a space in the main compartment that will safely hold a laptop, securing it in with velcro straps. 

It has two padded and fully adjustable straps, including a clipped strap that runs horizontal to hold the bag in place. This will be useful for anyone who has a long walk as part of their daily commute to work. 

Kah & Kee are a well-established brand that has become synonymous with creating long-lasting products. By investing in a bag like this you are going to get something that isn’t going to fail on you just as you’re running to catch the train. Switching from a standard rucksack to a proper gym bag will make your life a whole lot easier.

Here’s another rucksack that proves you don’t have to lug around a holdall on your commute. This Mouteenoo gym bag has some really nice detailing on the front which sets it apart from being a standard black bag. If you want a bit more colour there it is available in a few different colours and patterns. 

This isn’t much bigger than a standard rucksack but it is so much more efficient. It will easily fit five pieces of clothing and has a compartment for your shoes. The best part is it can do all of that while being easy to carry around and still small enough to fit in lockers, under a seat or an overhead shelf. 

In addition to the main pocket, it has a key holder, a pocket for your valuables and two mesh pockets on the side of the bag. This would be a great gym bag for commuters who are in and out of public transport. 

We really loved the unique design of this next gym bag. It has an incredibly large 35-litre capacity but has a foldable top that can shrink the bag down to only be as big as you need it to be. This makes it perfect for both men and women. This feature along with two buckles acts as an anti-theft measure – something that will be good for commuters who use busy public transport. 

The gym bag also contains a side access laptop pouch. This heavily padded pouch will keep your laptop separate to your other things which avoid it getting scratched or damaged. Similar to the other gym bags it contains an isolated pocket for shoes and dirty clothes. 

This Brinch bag is available in a range of different colours and contains some nice features that set it apart from a standard rucksack. First of all, it’s a great size that will fit all of your essentials in while still being easy to carry around. It’s made from a water repellent material so light rain will run off it, keeping your clothes dry. 

The front pouch acts as an organiser – containing all of your important things in an easy to access place. There are two decent-sized side pockets that provide that little bit of useful extra space. 

A unique feature of this bag the ability to connect a power bank allowing you to charge your phone on the go! This will no doubt come in handy on the evening commute home after a busy day at work.

What makes a good gym bag for commuters?

First of all, it should be on the smaller size but still have enough room for your gym kit and any work bits that you need to carry on your commute. Bags with compartments were heavily favoured to make this easier. This allows you to keep those smelly shoes and gym kit separate to your work stuff. 

It should also have at least some water resistance, chances are you are carrying clean clothes or maybe even a laptop in there. 

A bag that is small enough to negotiate through crowds is a priority. However, it shouldn’t compromise on storage so lots of pockets and pouches will always be handy. 

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