Best Gym Shoes with Arch Support

If you’re going to the effort of improving your body you should also be doing everything you can to protect it. Learning about your body type can ensure that you’re training in the most efficient manner.

Having shoes that are uncomfortable will not only keep you out of the gym but will cause pain in your day to day life. While we can’t change the way our feet are designed we can change our footwear. If you have high arches you need a shoe that is going to provide you with enough mid-sole comfort to help ease any pain. These shoes should be able to perform whether you’re putting the miles in on the road or attending an exercise class at your local gym.

To help you with this we have found the best gym shoes with arch support for women and men.

Gym Shoes With Arch Support for Women

ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes

This pair of gym shoes from reputable company Asics are available in a variety of styles and colours. It has been specifically designed with arch support in mind. This can be seen through a thicker rubber sole which will help absorb any impact from the road or treadmill. These would even be suited for use on trails or light hikes thanks to the positioning of the rubber on the outsoles which will help to counteract any balance issues associated with lack of arch support.

Once you feel inside these gym shoes you’ll understand why they made our best of. It has a gel lining that cushions the foot ensuring a nice snug fit. This naturally provides arch support and helps to spread the impact across the whole of the foot rather than the sensitive mid-sole area.

A nice feature of this gym shoe is a removable sock liner. This allows the insole (or sock liner) to be easily removed and replaced with a medical or custom orthodontic insole.

Overall these shoes are going to help by providing that bit of extra cushioning in the mid-sole that eases the impact of the heel and the transition to the toes. This makes them one of the market leaders when it comes to trainers with arch support.

Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

Adidas needs no introduction as a brand. This Cloufoam line of shoe is a no. 1 bestseller from one of the biggest companies in the world. Talk about pedigree.

What may surprise people is the ability it has to support the arches of your foot. Again, we have a thicker sole that will help with shock absorption. If you take a look at the shape of the sole you will notice how it thins out as it travels towards the toe. This sits your heel higher than the balls of your foot which encourages impact further down the foot. While it may take a little bit of getting used to it actually prevents the arch from taking a beating, transferring it to a harder part of the foot rather than a fleshy one.

A bonus point goes to the look of this gym shoe. It could easily be worn with a pair of jeans as you run about your day. The fly-nit material is lightweight and breathable which will prevent it from rubbing against you as some traditional trainers do. They’re a flexible sneaker that will move with the shape of your foot and even curl up in your gym bag.

The shape of the shoe also makes it great for squatting where it can help to keep the heel high to save the knees. This is why they make it on to our list of great gym shoes with arch support.

New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 Cross Trainer

This model of New Balance trainers is designed to fit your feet like slippers. For that reason, we recommend ordering a size slightly larger than you normally would. The mesh upper is incredibly soft and allows you to slip your foot easily in and out of the shoe. The laces are there merely to provide extra tightness.

These New Balance shoes are available in a wide range of colours. What remains distinctive throughout is the shape of the sole. With a padded heel, the mid-sole of the shoe actually rises slightly higher. This provides arch support and will hold your foot in place as you workout.

In addition to this, they contain a memory foam insole as standard. This will mould to your foot and add an extra layer of comfort. It is also removable if you prefer to use your own form of insole.

Gym Shoes With Arch Support for Men

Reebok Men’s Fast Flexweave

This Reebok shoe comes in a few different styles so there will be something for everyone. It’s a multi-purpose gym trainer that will suitable for a variety of different workouts. From putting in miles on the treadmill to a high-intensity circuit, Reebok have you covered.

This gym shoe has a foam insole that provides the arch support to cushion the impact. Its flexible sole allows the shoe to move with the contortion of your foot as you move. This flexion really helps when it comes to protecting the arches of your feet.

The outer part of the shoe is lightweight allowing the foot to breathe. This woven material is very comfortable and hugs the foot keeping it close to the sole so you’re not creating a gap under the arch.

Brooks Men’s Ghost 11 Running Shoe

If you are serious about arch support in your gym shoes then look no further. Although Brooks might not be as well known as some of the other brands they more than make up for it in features and comfort.

If you know you a have medium to high arch then these trainers are designed to match the contour of your foot. The padding is soft to medium so while it provides enough comfort it doesn’t lose any responsiveness.

This shoe had just been updated to include a better sole that provides greater shock absorption. The Brooks Ghost is an option that will work for the casual gym-goer and the more serious user who is putting in the miles. They might be slightly more expensive than some other models but you get what you pay for in this case.

Nike Men’s Air Max Axis Running Shoe

This next choice is from the iconic Nike Air Max range. Not many trainers move from gym shoes into casual style but that’s a testament to this range of Nike’s. Because of this, it’s easy to forget what a great gym shoe this really is.

It features the classic shock absorber at the heel which cushions the foot on impact. Sometimes the reverb from a hard gym floor can cause the pain that you feel across your foot. By absorbing that you will be protecting the softer arch of your foot. Naturally, these shoes come with a good overall level of padding on the insole providing a balanced feel to the mid-sole.

They come in a range of colours if you fancy something a bit more exciting than black and white. The reviews across the board are favourable with people praising their comfort. If you are looking for gym shoes with arch supports you won’t find much more comfortable than this.

What to look for in a gym shoe with arch support?


To support the arch you will want something that provides an adequate base under the foot. This will help to ease any impact from running or explosive exercises that you may be doing. Brands are much more aware of this issue now and insoles now come as standard in a lot of gym shoes. Some trainers will include memory foam insoles that provide that little bit of luxury.

Mid-sole Support

If you need that extra arch support from your gym shoes then the mid-sole area is the most important part of the shoe. Simply the middle part of your shoe, this is the spot where you will need the extra features.

There are two designs that can help when it comes to this. The first is extra cushion in this area, either from an insole or the shape of the sole rising in the middle to fit the shape of your foot. The other is a sole that is thickest at the heel and thinnest at the toe. While not strictly arch support it will encourage you to plant your foot either side of the mid-sole area. This will help to keep impact away from the arch area and distribute it to harder parts of the foot.

All of these features will ensure you’ve got the best gym shoe with arch support.

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